I Choose to Live a Healthy Life (It is a Mindset)

In partnership with Spirit, I move step by step toward wellness.

I am a spiritual being living in a physical body within a physical world. I am part of the divine order of the universe and governed by physical laws, as are the planets, stars and sun. I give thanks for my body and seek guidance for healthy living. I exercise, eat nutritious food and get plenty of rest.

I praise my body, which has been given to me for a reason. The divine life that animates me also expresses through me. Sharing my gifts and talents is part of healthy living. I give and receive, work and play, interact with others and preserve time just for myself. I consciously embrace my spiritual journey—praying for insight and awareness, listening in silence and stillness, learning from all my experiences, and growing as I become better and better and better.

In partnership with Spirit, I embrace healthy living. I am grateful that I live in God and God lives in me. And so it is.