This to me is hot! This can almost be compared to how a certain amount of people believed in our x-president’s big lie. CNN — Former President Donald Trump spent months spreading lies about the 2020 election, which he himself is now calling “THE BIG LIE” as he continues to claim that a massive conspiracy robbed him of a second term.

This lie that we are currently led to believe, is much more complicated. This lie affects many unaware, misinformed people. I’m speaking of People that are not in touch with their inner-self, their higher-self.  That number, unfortunately, is very high.

Now, allow me to add this…it is not your fault! So many people are not aware of their inner most being, let alone how to use its awesome power. This is due to the fact that we were not taught that we process an invisible part of our make-up, a part that we are not able to see when we look into a mirror. The mirror image is your outer-self, and during my early developing years, my beliefs and values had no mention of an inner-self. More on that later. Right now, I want to take the suspense off you by sharing what the big lie is.

The big lie is, that we only have, and use FIVE senses. It is a big lie because we actually have six senses. Our intuition is our sixth sense. In school we were taught that our five senses consisted of what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Even science has realized that intuition is a sense.

While not infallible, intuition is invaluable.

Intuition provides us with a “gut” response – an inner voice ­– beyond logic or learned responses, revealing both who we are and the knowledge we have gained.

If we listen, we can benefit from the creativity it offers and the feeling of confidence that it brings. Allow intuition help you grow and make time-critical decisions based on resources that are not always easily reached.


(noun)  in the sense of instinct


instinctive knowledge of or belief about something without conscious reasoning

Her intuition was telling her that something was wrong.





sixth sense 


This is a matter of Conscious and subconscious mind functions:

The first five senses are used to receive stimuli from our outer world. A conscious mind function. Where as the Intuition is a higher level of consciousness, a subconscious mind function – with the capacity to sense energies and to create a ripple effect of wise choices for healthy, sustainable change.

Many studies in psychology tell us that intuition is a very real process where the brain makes use of past experiences, along with internal signals and cues from the environment, to help us make a decision. This decision happens so quickly that it doesn’t register with our conscious mind.

What weakens intuition?

Unfortunately, our intuition can often be clouded and weakened by the ego (conscious mind) – judgment, fear and anxiety replace our intuition and take over the decisions in our life. Notice your ego and what role is plays in your everyday life. 

Ego is the part of the self that is concerned with one’s own desires, needs, and wants, while intuition is a feeling or inner knowing that comes from a deeper place within oneself. It is often said that the voice of ego is loud and insistent, while the voice of intuition is quieter and subtler.

What is the spiritual meaning of intuition?
Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in man during those instants when his mind is calm…. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to calm the mind, that without distortion it may hear the infallible counsel of the Inner Voice. “Solve all your problems through meditation,” [Lahiri Mahasaya said].

Is intuition and instinct the same thing?
They are not the same. Instinct is hard-wired into our DNA while intuition is a response to external factors based on our experiences.

Yes, it takes a hand full of insight and bucket of awareness and maybe some assistance from a Meditation Life Coach to guild you through the process that will rewire your being.

Meditation Life Coaching is guide to help you learn how to access the rich wisdom available through the gift of your intuition. We often hear about the importance of trusting this inner guidance, but we don’t know how to listen to and act on it to make practical everyday decisions about our lives.